Royal International

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Royal International

Royal International is provide and service where local farms are given priority. In addition, members are able to access the freshest original items available at a fair price.

At the beginning of the new decade the Greek market began to present high needs for a number of products. and certainly ‘Royal’ didn’t ignore this opportunity.

By establishing suitable partnerships, the newly-founded company succeeded in introducing a large range of products, including lemons, apples, pears, etc., and thus won a large share of the domestic market.

The springboard for this action was , where the company continues to carry out noteworthy commercial transactions.

Establishing headquarters in the Macedonia’s rich land was the company’s opportunity to be at centre of production of numerous products,

which it included in its product range and which further strengthened its commercial position on the market.

The volume of its exports is increasing every year and currently exceeds the volume distributed in the domestic market.

‘Royal International’ has achieved a significant presence in the international markets!

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