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Dual Smart School DSS

Main Points in the projects

Purchase request
Return purchase request
Cancel purchase request
Expropriate request
Return expropriate request
Cancel expropriate request
Accounts Management:
Adding Stores, banks and cashboxes
Billing system
Edit bill
Edit receipt
Money transfer process
Tracking balances(store cashbox – cashbox –bank-other-clients-vendors-sub-contractors)
Students accounts
Salary management and payroll
Stores Management:
Primary inventory
Recent inventory
Items movement
Monitor stores
Items transfer
Students Affairs
Add new student
Student profile
Students control and monitor planes
Bus management
Employees Management
Human resource management
Attendance management and monitor
Add new Employee
Employees control
Employee profiles
Preview log
Report customization
Report control for every module
Complain system:
New ticket
My tickets
Open tickets
Answered tickets
Overdue tickets
Closed tickets
Mail settings
Group policies
Permissions control
Default values controller

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