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Dual Smart School

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Gym System

Gym System Challenges

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Human Resource Management

    Effective human resource management has become more important in recent times. Here are some reasons why:


Clouding system

    e-Archive is a clouding system, using for archive documents by on-line writers and also for translate old documents from original language to another one, e-Archive software support to work on-line as a clouding system and support unlimited users to work on it.

MSE Project

Development Agency (ITIDA).

    software powered by Dual for Information Tech LLC and supported by Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA).


ِOn-line Accounting System

    Dual Accounting System DACCS Challenges: Manage interactions with customers and stakeholders. Help stakeholders keep up to date with customers, prospect data and drive business.

Restaurant Website

Restaurant Website

    The website support all restaurants needs;

Store E-market

سوق أون لاين لعرض منتجاتك

    Store E-market target corporate which using digital technologies to sell goods or services. Store E-market provides corporate with small businesses access a wider audience at a relatively low-cost and around-the-clock marketing

Landing Page

Dynamic website

    Landing page is full dynamic website, where admin controls to change any feature in it. Its an easy way to expand business and contact with consumers or investors.

e-Market V. 2.0

التسويق الإلكتروني الإصدار الثاني

    لقد أصبح التسويق الإكتروني مطلبًا أساسيًا لكل الشركات والمواقع الإكترونية, وأصبح ملايين الناس تتواجد عبر شبكات المواقع الإكترونية والمواقع الاجتماعية لذلك أصبح التسويق الإكتروني هو جسر وصول بين الشركات والمستهلك أو المستخدم, مما يتطلب توفير خطة تسويقية حقيقية عبر الإنترنت وصار ذلك أمرًا أساسيًا لنجاح أي خدمة مهما كانت حجم الخدمة أو الشركة