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EasyGo CRM – Part I

For P.R.O Services Company that handles all immigration process, traffic department, medical examination & health certificates, Labor department, work permits, establishing companies, and municipality department transactions
You need EasyGo CRM system (Download PDF)

Effect on customer satisfaction and its most important benefit

EASYGO is an approach to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers.

It uses data analysis about customers’ history with a company to improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on customer retention.

Departments and agencies:

Adding different departments and agencies to complete transactions through them.

Assign your staff to specific departments and ability to auto important transactions.


It’s easy and safely to handle debtor and creditor customers

EASYGO send automatic notifications to debtor customers via e-mail

EASYGO generate the customer invoices during transaction completion

Staff can collect the invoice easily

It’s easy to monitor cash flow and customers’ statements

Recurring subscription:

Set recurring subscription and invoices will automatically be re-generated after specified period; It could be
monthly or yearly


Great support with transactions scale with private staff notes, customer-staff notes, voice notes and postpone requests

Manage transactions and trace time spent on transaction for each staff member

Record staff and customers written or voice notes and notify via e-mail

Assign and re-assign transaction to PR. Officer

Notifications for every comment included transaction new status

Generate transaction invoice

Permission and group policies:

EASYGO all features depended on specific permission control to designated employee

EASYGO can help you to assign group policies for designated staff

Front end:

Customers interface side to monitor their transactions

With EASYGO; customers can follow up their transactions and can also add written or voice notes to the service provider

With EASYGO; customers are served better on day to day process and with more reliable information their demand of self service from companies will decrease

Customers can upload required documents in their transactions to facilitate the service provider’s representative to complete the transaction successfully without going anywhere

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