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Our Philosophy

DUAL IT Corporation considers meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising quality standards to be the bare minimum requirements for a successful and dynamic business. •

DUAL IT is leading IT company with diverse activities in all IT related Activates. •

Please take some time to read through our profile which will give you a board idea on what we have to offer. •

We look forward to becoming your preferred IT partner in Egypt. In 2007,DUAL IT was formed to provide quality information technology and computer services by programing and development online systems (web base) with highly securing platform. also we coverage the hardware devices and network solutions for easy installing our platform.

Message from Chairman

With the rapid development of the IT all over the world it has become more and more evident for every Business entity regardless of how small or large it is, to adapt itself for the very rapidly and continuously changing situation. With the profit margins deteriorating due to harsh competition, increasing cost, and implementing the international standards, it is my view that the following should be part of a company¡¦s policy for the years to come. Focus on quality of Service as quality always wins. Keep a very close eye on expenses, and fixed overheads. Develop and upgrade ones companies to state-of-the-art technological systems (IT solutions, software, Security, and e-Commerce).


DUAL IT will continue providing unique and high quality IT and solutions for both local and regional markets that meet current up-to-date market demands. The company will keep working on: adapting state-of-the-art technology, smoothly and effectively educating the market place and ensuring maximum customers’ satisfaction. DUAL IT will work on creating an ideal working environment for its employees and never-ending investment opportunity for its shareholders.


Unique web base product line: DUAL IT working hard for making high quality of online systems to serve the services companies and the trading companies. Market coverage, facilities and resources: In spite of existing in a competitive marketplace, the opportunity to grow is always present. Consequently, DUAL IT through its unique offerings, focused on: maximizing its existence in different market regions, creating an ideal systematic environment in all its facilities, making its service available all the time and developing its team to cover more of the market demands. This resulted with different online systems.

In DUAL IT technical team the developer is one of most important components of successful product in our business, DUAL IT meticulously selects its programmers and developers. The selection criteria were based on professional field experience, excellent engineering skills and exceptional communication abilities.

Some of Our Achievement’s
Installing Online accounting system for large trading companies called Dual ACCounting System “DACCS”. Installing online shop for large trading companies called e-Market. Installing landing page for more than 50 services organizations. DUAL IT believes that for any organization to provide excellent customer service it must have a strong working partnership between its Training Department and its Quality Assurance department. DUAL IT believes that it is providing service for the customer and so we believes that presales and after sales service is the key fact which differentiate the professional service provider all over the world. DUAL IT has dedicated teams for each service to support its customers through the online supporting tickets system. Using more ways to measure our customers¡¦ satisfaction.
Some of Our Projects
Online landing page to Arab Bees Union Online DACCS for NewVision Trading Co. Online Smart School Project for ITIDA Org. Online e-Market V.2 for ITIDA Org. Online DACCS for Access Stores Co. Online Smart School for over 1500 schools all over Egypt. Online DACCS for Dealers laptop Co. Online e-Market for over than 150 trading Co. Online landing page for over than 50 services Co. Online e-Learning system for Lotas College. Online e-Learning for some college in Kenya. Online accreditation system to aaaes Org located in Canada. Online accreditation system to york-li Org located in USA. Installing the Network Infrastructure for ASGA Tech Co. In Tanta branch. Installing the Network Infrastructure for Radiology center. Installing the Network Infrastructure for College of Pharmacy. Installing Wide Wi-Fi network and covering over 60 KM for monitoring system in Governmental entity. Online system for 3 companies in KSA called: ¡§Class One, Next Global Tech and Power KSA¡¨. Online system for Medical Center in Jeddah, KSA called ¡§mesme¡