Event Based Surveillance (EBS)

EBS is System to detect and respond to those diseases as early as possible. The indicator based surveillance may take time for the diagnosis, reporting and comparing the number of cases to disease threshold. It Getting information directly from the community can speed up the detection of outbreaks and other public health events. A connection […]

Dual ERP Clouding System

ERP Clouding System allows organizations to increase efficiency significantly by using the special skills which are provided in the field of accounting, which is in turn the foundation of any business or any organization. This software package given enables you to manage daily operations and connect them in a unified and integrated way by: -Accounting […]


For P.R.O Services Company that handles all immigration process, traffic department, medical examination & health certificates, Labor department, work permits, establishing companies, and municipality department transactionsYou need EasyGo CRM system (Download PDF) Effect on customer satisfaction and its most important benefit EasyGo is an approach to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers . It uses data […]

GYM System Challenges

Gym System Featured: • Manage services o Create and manage services like:  service name  number of sessions  subscription cost  non-subscription cost  service duration • Manage packages o Create and manage packages like:  package name  cost  time attendance  active in  valid in  max no of […]

Dual Smart School DSS

Main Points in the projects  Requests: Purchase request Return purchase request Cancel purchase request Expropriate request Return expropriate request Cancel expropriate request Accounts Management:Adding Stores, banks and cashboxes Billing system Edit bill Edit receipt Money transfer process Tracking balances(store cash box – cash box –bank-other-clients-vendors-sub-contractors) Students accounts Salary management and payroll  Stores Management: […]

ERP Construction Management System

Construction management system enables businesses to share and collaborate with clients in addition to employees Construction management system provides web-based tools and solutions that assist businesses and organizations like you in managing projects without needing any hardware requirements. Construction management system can generate powerful reports that can : help organizations shop for benefits establish prevention […]

Clouding system e-Archive

Clouding system e-Archive Clouding system e-Archive is a clouding system, using for archive documents by on-line writers and also for translate old documents from original language to another one, e-Archive software support to work on-line as a clouding system and support unlimited users to work on it.

Human Resource Management HRM

You often see phrases like these in the annual reports of major businesses: “Our people are our greatest asset” “Nothing is more important than our employees” You see them so often that it is tempting to treat them as clichés. However, behind the cliché lies an important truth, which is that the human element plays […]

On-line Accounting System DACCS

Dual Accounting SystemDACCS Challenges:Manage interactions with customers and stakeholders.Help stakeholders keep up to date with customers, prospect data and drive business.Involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes.Advanced technology changed consumer buying behavior and offers new ways for companies to communicate with customers and collect data about them.Ensure strategic objectives, functional requirements well […]