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June 2014

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ITIDA We would like to announce that we are preparing to launch a new project that works to improve software marketing level in Egypt, and contributes to the deliver Egyptian software industry to the foreign market. This software powered by Dual for Information Tech LLC and supported by Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA). http://mseproject.com.eg/

You often see phrases like these in the annual reports of major businesses: "Our people are our greatest asset" "Nothing is more important than our employees" You see them so often that it is tempting to treat them as clichés. However, behind the cliché lies an important truth, which is that the human element plays a major part in the success of every business. Effective human resource management has become more important in recent times. Here are some reasons why: Most businesses now provide services rather than produce goods – people are the critical resource in the quality and customer service level of any service business Competitiveness requires a